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Daniel Messer, Property Management Client

Daniel Messer owns and operates Exceptional One Services, a successful home building and remodeling firm here in Columbus. A few years ago, he invested in a duplex near Children’s Hospital. He planned to manage the property himself. As a general contractor, he has extensive experience in home maintenance and repair. He felt he was well-prepared to become a landlord. “It seemed like a good idea, a natural fit with our business,” says Daniel. However, Daniel and his office staff soon discovered that managing residential rental property was “not at all what we thought it would be.”

Being a landlord was
“not at all what we thought it would be”

The day-to-day management tasks were so much more time-consuming than Daniel had anticipated – and it was really taking time away from his core business. In particular, screening potential tenants was “a nightmare!” Daniel and his staff were not prepared for the volume of work it would take to find and place a qualified tenant in a rental home. They advertised the property and got a lot of responses. But they were quickly overwhelmed and frustrated. Not only were they trying to do background and credit checks on each applicant, but they were also really surprised by how many leads were total dead ends. Applicants scheduled showings but never arrived to see the home, wasting hours and hours of Daniel’s time. Others viewed the home, completed an application, and passed a credit check but then were unable to pay the security deposit.

Game-changer: Property Management by The Trinity Group

Daniel still sounds relieved as he describes what happened next. He was venting to his friend Matthew Long that his investment had become “such a hassle!” Matthew offered to step in as the property manager. Within a month, Matthew and his team had both units in the home rented. The investment has been profitable ever since! The Trinity team found “great, long-term tenants who have been there for more than four years now.” With four years of positive ROI, Daniel was able to sell the property for a profit. Of course, he turned to Matthew Long to represent him in the sale. “We recently closed on the deal,” says Daniel, “just 14 days after accepting an all-cash offer from another investor. It couldn’t have gone better!”

Before he started working with The Trinity Group, Daniel swore he’d never own rental property again. Working with the team at The Trinity Group changed his mind. Responding to late-night maintenance calls and screening tenant applications are just two of the tasks he was happy to turn over to the team at The Trinity Group. “Working with Trinity made all the difference,” says Daniel. “Managing property on our own was horrible, but they made things so much easier.” Today, Daniel is working with Jim Smith and Matthew Long to find another property to invest in. He’s excited to invest in residential rental property now that he has a great property management partner in The Trinity Group at HER.

Can The Trinity Group help you?

If you’re interested in owning rental property but unsure about managing it, give Jim Smith a call today. As the Director of Client Services, Jim can perform an assessment of your needs and preferences. He’ll recommend services from The Trinity Group to help you with your investment. Minimize the headaches that come from owning residential rental property and maximize the profit from your investment.