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We Are Grateful | The Trinity Group Reflects on GRATITUDE

Counting Our Blessings

In preparation for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, we took some time as a team to reflect on the other things in our lives for which we are most grateful. As we did this, we were inspired to recognize the people who make us feel so blessed. In addition, we felt inspired to renew our commitment to help those in need in our communities.

We hope you enjoy reading about what makes us feel grateful.

As a company, we are thankful for the trust our clients place in us.
We appreciate the opportunity to work together with team members we admire and enjoy.

Matthew Long: COMMUNITY

I’m grateful for the generous and accepting community here in Columbus. We have such thoughtful neighbors. There are so many incredible organizations are dedicated to helping those around us. I truly love being a part of it.

Matt Ranz: SUPPORT

The support of my friends and family has been amazing as I’ve worked to establish myself in a new career. I’m always grateful for their love and friendship – but especially this year!

Joe Lovell: HOME

I am thankful for my two sons, my wife, and our home. I’m also grateful for my life, health, good friends, family, and coworkers.

Jim Smith: FAMILY

I have many great people in my life… but I’m especially grateful for my family, and those close friends that I also call family. I’m thankful for them every day throughout the year – but especially around the holidays.

Hannah Fenderson: FLEXIBILITY

I’m thankful for my friends here in Ohio who make it feel like home to me. During the holidays, I am especially grateful for the flexible work environment that makes it easier to travel and visit my family back home!

Margaret Connor: BALANCE

I am thankful for a challenging role at a new company that allows the flexibility I need to be there for my precious family.

Lee Parrish: HUMOR

I’m thankful for my wife who can always make me laugh. I’m grateful for her humor every day!!! I am also grateful for the many opportunities that I have experienced so far in my career and in the military.

CEO Matthew Long is grateful for community



Realtor Hannah Fenderson is grateful for the flexibility to travel to visit family


Property maintenance specialist Joe Lovell is grateful for everything that makes him feel at home - his family, his health, his wife, and the blessings they share.


Director of Maintenance Jim Smith is grateful for family


HR Director Margaret Connor is grateful for the balance she enjoys with a challenging career and the flexibility to be there for her family

Margaret: BALANCE


Maintenance Technician Lee Parrish is grateful for humor