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Ask A Realtor | Home Improvements and Resale Value

Planning a home improvement project? Consult a Realtor at The Trinity Group to ensure you are spending your time & money wisely.Q: ARE HOME IMPROVEMENTS A GOOD IDEA WHEN YOU’RE GETTING READY TO SELL?

Are you getting ready to roll up your sleeves and take on a big home improvement project? Or maybe you’re thinking of hiring a contractor to complete some updates. If so, you’ve probably wondered if your project will boost your home’s resale value. Is it worth the time, effort, and money?

The short answer is: sometimes. As a homeowner, it can be tough to tell if an update is truly worth the time and money, especially if you’re thinking that you might sell your home one day. The true impact on your home’s resale value depends on a lot of factors, like the condition of other homes in your neighborhood, the overall climate of the market, and the details of the project itself. Sometimes, a home improvement dramatically increases your home’s resale value. Other updates actually make a home harder to sell.

The updated home at 6761 Rieber Rd, owned by Agent Matthew Long, listed for $375,000.

Ask a Realtor to consult on your home improvement project

Here at The Trinity Real Estate Group, we always recommend that you consult a Realtor first to make sure that you’re spending your money and effort wisely. Whether you are considering selling next year or next month, it’s wise to get an expert opinion before you invest in updating your home. You might be surprised how often you don’t need to make big improvements. Often, a Realtor or staging expert will be able to suggest smaller changes that have a bigger impact than a pricey project.

What if I’m not sure if or when I will sell my home?

People often tell us that they hesitate to ask a Realtor for advice because they are not sure when they will be ready to sell their home. Sometimes, they’re not entirely certain they will sell at all. Here at The Trinity Real Estate Group, we’re happy to consult with you on how home improvements will impact your home’s resale value. Talking with us creates no obligation to list your house for sale right away – or ever!

Some home improvements will drastically increase the resale value of your home. Others actually make it harder to sell.Who can help me?

Every member of The Trinity Group’s experienced team of Realtors has the expertise to help you make a smart decision that takes the true impact on resale value into account. Simply shoot us an email or give us a call, and we’ll be happy to advise you.

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