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JIM SMITH is now Trinity’s DIRECTOR OF CLIENT SERVICES, unlicensed

Jim Smith recently took on the role of Director of Client Services, unlicensed. In his new role, Jim exclusively serves the needs of our property management clients. He works closely with property owners and both the maintenance staff and our team of licensed Realtors.

“I help our clients understand our property management services and the value they provide,” explained Jim, when asked about the term “unlicensed” that is a part of his job title. Because he is not a licensed Realtor, Jim doesn’t represent clients when they buy or sell properties. “We have great Realtors on our team, and I’m happy to recommend them when a client is ready to buy or sell.”  However, Jim added that many of his clients are already represented by Realtors from other firms who refer them to The Trinity Group for property management. “Sometimes the timing is just not right to sell a property,” so a client’s Realtor recommends The Trinity Group to manage the home as a rental until the market improves. “We help the owner get some cash flow for their property, but when the time comes to sell, we always refer the client back to the Realtor. We serve the Realtors, too – we don’t try to take their clients from them.”

Comprehensive Property Management Services

The Trinity Group offers comprehensive property management services – from marketing and leasing a property to handling evictions when necessary, and everything in between. We handle both routine and emergency maintenance to complete renovation. We provide easy access to timely information, from simple monthly statements and routine year-end tax documentation to more complex analysis of return on investment.  Jim meets with each client to review their needs and preferences, and then tailors and coordinates the service The Trinity Group provides to fit their unique situation. “We can do as much or as little as the owner wants,” Jim explains. “It’s up to them.” He adds that many clients allow The Trinity Group to take on more and more of the property management tasks as time goes on. “We earn their trust and they realize how nice it is to have their time and peace of mind back.”

“In the end, we treat each property like it’s our own,” says Jim. “We’re here to serve the owner and protect their investment.” A big part of successful property management is maintaining the properties and taking good care of the residents. “We’re here for them, too. They can feel confident that we’ll respond to any issues quickly so they are comfortable and safe. It’s their home!” The Trinity Group’s property management team is on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Both residents and owners can feel confident that their homes are well maintained. Maintenance issues are handled professionally, thoroughly, and quickly, as soon as they arise.

Work with The Trinity Group

You may be an established landlord looking to improve your return on investment. Or, maybe you’re just getting started in owning rental property. The Trinity Group would love to work with you. Give Jim Smith a call today to partner with a professional, dedicated property management team. He’d love to talk to you about how The Trinity Group can help you. Enjoy the benefits of owning rental property – without the headaches that can go along with it!

Director of Client Services, unlicensed