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Meet Realtor Hannah Fenderson


Realtor Hannah Fenderson is a relocation expert. She loves to help new Columbus residents find the home that’s right for them, whether they are looking to buy or rent.

Congratulations, Hannah!

We’re excited to announce that The Trinity Real Estate Group’s Director of Operations, Hannah Fenderson, is now a licensed Realtor! Hannah will continue to work closely with property owners and our property management team, but she’s now also able to work with clients to buy or sell a home. Hannah loves to work with new residents of Central Ohio. Her own experience with relocation makes her uniquely qualified to help other new residents get settled here in Columbus!

Get to know Hannah

Hannah and her husband Stephen moved from their hometown in New Hampshire to Columbus in 2012. “We love New Hampshire, but good jobs were scarce and we wanted to try something new!” Hannah and Stephen looked all over the country for a new city to call home, and finally settled on Columbus. “We love hockey, so the Blue Jackets were a big draw, but we really liked how Columbus is a bigger city with a friendly, small-town feeling.”

Since moving to Columbus, Hannah and Steve have become active with Columbus Gives Back, a group that links volunteers to organizations in need. “It’s been a really fun and fulfilling way to meet new people,” says Hannah. She has especially enjoyed making blankets for children in foster care and baking cookies for families at the Ronald McDonald House. Are you interested in getting involved with this organization? Contact Hannah for more information or check out

Work with Hannah

As The Trinity Group’s Director of Operations, Hannah works closely with property owners and residents of the properties we manage. Hannah will continue to work with owners and residents, who love her detail-oriented manner, and patient, thorough approach. She’s excited to work with home buyers and sellers, too!

Hannah knows what it’s like to be new to Columbus. She has really worked hard to get to know her new hometown. She’s a great resource for anyone relocating to the area, whether they are looking for a home to rent or buy.

Call Hannah today!
Hannah Fenderson, 614-385-7166